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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goldfinger 3 Piece Grey Suit

One of the definitive Bond looks comes from a 3 piece suit Sean Connery wears in Goldfinger. He changes into this suit while being held captive on the airplane piloted by Miss Pussy Galore. He wears the suit during his time at Goldfigner's ranch in Kentucky, and it became the essential Bond suit of the '60s, if not all time. The only suit that came close to topping it was Daniel Craig's 3 piece in the finale of Casino Royale. So where do you get your hands on one? It is a common enough ensemble, but the right one will set you apart from the wall street tycoons of the '80s.

Reiss Frost Three Piece Flannel Suit $552.41

Calvin Klein Suit, Grey Glen Plaid Vested $324.99

Banana Republic Grey herringbone two-button suit blazer $249.99

Omega Planet Ocean

Though the planet ocean is still brand new in watch terms, the design has already influenced many a manufacturer to adapt it's design to suit the low-end market's needs. Though not as pricey as the Rolex Submariner, the Planet Ocean XL retails for $3,650.00, it isn't within many a bond fan's budget. Consider these alternatives:

Invicta Men's Pro Diver Offshore Classic Collection Automatic Watch #4793 $89.99

Alpha Planet Ocean $62.99

Timex Sports Style t2m5619j $75

The Man with the Golden Gun Gray Pinstriped Suit

When you think of pinstriped suit, you automatically think of navy. When Bond receives his assignment and a deadly threat from The Man with the Golden Gun, he wears a gray pinstriped suit, very chic. These are some from all over the net, in different styles to suit your needs.

indochino Pearly White Stripes Suit, $369.00

Yoox LARDINI Herringbone suit $880.00

Gibson Two Button City Stripe Suit $224.36

Monday, December 28, 2009

Goldfinger Striped Tux Shirt

A very distinct striped, almost seersucker material dons 007 in his opening teaser for Goldfinger. When he removes his dinner jacket in the dressing room, we see the material is quite unlike many other tuxedo shirts he wears later on.

Theory Tuxedo Shirt $225.00

Quantum of Solace Russia Gloves

A new inquiry, how does Bond keep his hands warm while venturing into the Russian underworld? Why brown leather gloves or course, with a strap button closure. Perfect for winter, without the bulk of other gloves.

Brown Deniro Leather Gloves for Men $115.00

Polo Ralph Lauren Snap-Belt Gloves $54.60

Roundtree & Yorke Classic Stretch Buckle Gloves $30.00

Sunday, December 27, 2009

LALD Monogrammed Robe

What does 007 wear while he's not on the job? A lightweight Monogrammed Robe, just two initials, JB adorn his left breast. When M visits him in his apartment at the beginning of Live and Let Die, we are not only introduced to the new bond, Roger Moore, but also the only film appearance of his own residence, equipped with espresso machine and Italian bond girl, Miss Caruso.

Brooks Brothers Terrycloth Robe $111.00

Nordstrom Waffle Knit Kimono Robe $55.00

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Diamonds Are Forever Short sleeve shirt

When you're hunting down your most ruthless arch-enemy, you need you arms free. So when Sean Connery is finally revealed as our Bond in the opening of Diamonds Are Forever, he delivers the pain in this short sleeved double pocket shirt. It's at home on the beach or just bombing around town. Here are some version on the web you can catch.

Quicksilver El Punto Shirt $69.00

Perry Ellis Woven Shirt $59.50

Yoox Coast Short sleeve shirt $74

Monday, December 21, 2009

Moonraker Half-Zip in Venice

Here we see Roger Moore in Moonraker, wearing a black half-zip jacket/shirt in Venice. You may remember this scene for when he meets Holly Goodhead who reveals he is also in the spy business. It has a nice point collar and looks very chic.

My alternative I found for this piece was at Natori Beijing Mens Half-Zip Jacket for $100.00. Shown in navy but it is available in black.