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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Casino Royale Bathroom Fight Boots

Though I am showing the whole outfit from Daniel Craig's debut as Britain's finest secret agent, I will focus this post on his footwear. In particular, the suede chukkas he dons while beating the living hell out of Dryden's contact in what is known by the fans as "the bathroom fight scene". The originals are believed to be John Lobb Romsey boots but they've never been officially identified. Chukkas have gained popularity in the past 10 years, being focused on more and more by style magazines as well as many fashion brands. Now more than ever, you can find a pair in any price range. Lucky for you, Bond sports a similar pair in Quantum of Solace, so get one pair for two looks!

Shipton and Heneage PERTH BROWN SUEDE BOOT Our Price $295.00

Wolverine Men's Beck Boot $113.88

ASOS Lace Up Desert Boots $82.33

Ted Baker Masou SKU #7902293 $80.85