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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goldfinger 3 Piece Grey Suit

One of the definitive Bond looks comes from a 3 piece suit Sean Connery wears in Goldfinger. He changes into this suit while being held captive on the airplane piloted by Miss Pussy Galore. He wears the suit during his time at Goldfigner's ranch in Kentucky, and it became the essential Bond suit of the '60s, if not all time. The only suit that came close to topping it was Daniel Craig's 3 piece in the finale of Casino Royale. So where do you get your hands on one? It is a common enough ensemble, but the right one will set you apart from the wall street tycoons of the '80s.

Reiss Frost Three Piece Flannel Suit $552.41

Calvin Klein Suit, Grey Glen Plaid Vested $324.99

Banana Republic Grey herringbone two-button suit blazer $249.99


  1. It's easy to be like James Bond if you have a hot grey suit, and there are lots of cheap suits for men store.

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  3. I am dying heart fan of Sir Sean Connery, no body can does it better what he did as James Bond . And when it comes to his wearing this three piece gray suit is just as fantastic as the movie was. He did wear this suit for many scenes in the movie. @Affordablebond007 you are doing it right! I have seen many elegant Bond replications in your blogs, but i have seen this evergreen suit at
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