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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Goldfinger Black and Brown silk knit tie

A tie that keeps up with 007's adventures all the way through Goldfinger, from Switzerland to Kentucky. These Men's fashion staples have gained mass appeal in the past couple of years, but for Bond, its a versatile tie for any occasion that may present itself. Here are the black ones:

Thomas Pink Solid Knitted Men's Tie $100.00

Daniel Cremieux "Susy" Solid Tie $49.50

J. Crew Solid skinny knit tie $49.50

Land's End Canvas Men's Solid Knit Necktie $39.50

...and a brown one

Ralph Lauren Narrow Crochet Brown Knit Tie $69.00


  1. Our quartermaster at now recommends these knit ties for men who want to look the part of the secret agent. Your collection is admirable.

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