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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Never Say Never Again Black IP wristwatch

Black plated watches have become a fad in the past couple of years, from gigantic 50mm U-Boats to custom Rolex's adorned by the likes of Daniel Craig himself. But it surprised me when I found one on the arm of Sean Connery's James Bond in the Thunderball remake: Never Say Never Again. In this scene 007 cuts his chains with his Q equipped wristwatch, which has a simple non-numeric dial and very unique 5 row bracelet. It is believed that the watch in the film was a Porsche Designed timepiece from the 1980s. But this model is long discontinued, thought you might find a few on ebay, sometimes fetching prices over $2,000. These models embrace look of this watch while updating it's classic features:

Skagen Men's 801XLTBXB Sports Titanium Links in Black Watch

Nixon Cannon Watch - Men's All Black $125.00

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  1. Nice wathes! Thanks for sharing such great post! I love your blog! And how about the pocket watches?