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Monday, January 18, 2010

Casino Royale Madagascar Belt

Though not visible as his shirts or trousers in scenes, the belt 007 wears in Casino Royale, in the Madagascar scenes, makes quite an impression. It has a flat plate front and black leather hide. It is the everyday casual belt, but also would pair well with your more classier get-ups. What is great about a luxurious belt is that it just a detail, it doesn't distract like a tie or cufflinks, but is mostly just a function over form item. You can spend as much as you want on one and it isn't always obvious you are wearing a cheap versus exotic one.

GUESS Silver Plaque Belt $38.00

EMPORIO ARMANI - Reptile leather belt $138.00


Kenneth Cole NY Rectangle-buckle black leather belt $60.00

J. Crew English leather plaque belt $55.00

BOSS Black Baxter Belt $75.00