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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Goldfinger Wine colored golf sweater

The highly disputed Golf sweater was actually wine or maroon colored, not black as originally thought. The original was a Slazenger brand sweater, similar to the brand of golf balls Goldfinger puts with. This make is now almost impossible to find even with your eye fixed on ebay. So here are some options for the not so vintage friendly.

Here's one new take straight from Savile Row!

E Tautz for oki-ni Exclusive Geelong Wool Fox Sweater £295.00

And others from around the web:

Williams Cashmere Men'S V Neck Sweater $190.00

Turnbury Merino Wool V-Neck Sweater $59.50

CALVIN KLEIN Long Sleeve V-Neck Sweater $79.50


  1. anyone interested in buying a new unopened from slazenger, I have an extra in size large. $200 email me at

  2. slazenger heritage are relaunching the james bond v neck in sept 2010 ltd edition
    check for news

  3. This sweater available at Stuarts London.

  4. Funny really. My school uniform, back in the day, was a maroon jumper and black blazer and many of us had a maroon Slazenger jumper. I must have had about three or four.
    I didn't particularly like school uniform at the time, but looking back we were smart as hell: grey trousers, white shirt, maroon and white tie, jumper and black blazer.