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Sunday, March 6, 2011

QoS Shawl Collar Tuxedo

How appropriate, it's the new year and this post concerns the most iconic suit 007 could ever wear, the black tuxedo. So for all of you who rented your tux for prom or for a wedding, you are a BONDFAN! Buy your own tuxedo, wear it with confidence every time, even when you're home alone playing your QoS DVD, it's about time. Here are some shawl collar tuxedos you can't go wrong with:

Duchamp Dress Evening Suit £595.00

Ferrecci Men's Single-button Shawl-collar Tuxedo $87.99


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  2. I believe the tux in Quantum was a shawl collar, while in Casino Royale he sported a Peak lapel. has both styles, including a white shirt styled after the one in Casino, for very reasonable prices.

  3. Marks & Spensers offer a surprisingly good tux at £199; single button, peak lapel, no pocket flaps and its fitted. Much nicer than the T.M Llewin suit above and cheaper!!! ....if you don't mind not owning a designer label ..

  4. I love collared tuxedos because they're formal, and you can find them at cheap tuxedo shops.

  5. This QoS Shawl Collar Tuxedo is really very charming and Daniel Craig was looking very handsome as he was wearing this tuxedo in Quantum of Solace. I have also seen a same tuxedo at a web store.
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