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Monday, June 21, 2010

Quantum Motorcycle Harrington Jacket

Grab a jacket, any jacket, the only jacket out of the wardrobe from the dead assassin who's room you just demolished? Sure, if it's a black Harrington. The collar on this jacket differs from the second jacket in the films climactic shootout in that it is a pointed collar, not one that buttons over the neck. It's a little less structured and more easy-going, something you can wear casually during the weekend running errands. Here are some options:

Thomas Nash Black padded Harrington jacket £50.00

Columbia Sportswear Barracuda Jacket - Wool-Rich (For Men) $71.96

A.P.C. Bomber Jacket $390

Rogues Gallery Navy Golf Jacket $175.00

FARHI BY NICOLE FARHI Z5AD3 Blue Black Jacket $182

Scotch & Soda 10040 Navy Jacket $182

Paul Smith Jacket - Black £95.00