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Sunday, October 2, 2011

For Your Eyes Only Blue Ski Jacket

A classic blue ski jacket, the uniform of 007 in For Your Eyes Only at the ski resort where he meets Kristatos, his soon to be enemy. It's the top layer, the only piece that keeps out most of the cold and ice. Keep yours simple, blue, and versatile. Affordable:

Hurley 'Covert Shredder' Jacket $89.00

Last Mission 5K Insulated Jacket $130.00

...and an investment:

Brooks Brothers Country Club ProSport™ Ski Jacket $598.00

1 comment:

  1. Moore's skiwear came courtesy of German skiwear specialists Bogner. Willy Bogner was an ex skiing champ who opened a fashion/sportswear line as a new career and worked as stunt assistant on the Bond movies for the ski sequences. Bond's yellow all in one ski outfit (TSWLM) and his white fur lined jacket, trousers and zip sports shirt (VTAK) are all Bogner as is this jacket. The "B" on the jacket zip means it's a Bogner jacket. I picked myself up a facsimile of this blue coat (mine's a darker blue but the jacket's identical) for about €140 a few months back on the German EBay site.