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Saturday, July 31, 2010

From Russia With Love Chalk stripe navy suit

Though many men might own a beautiful pinstriped navy suit, 007 goes for something extra. A Chalk stripe suit worn in the closing of From Russia With Love while floating through Venice will keep your own Tatiana Romanova on her toes.

Men's Warehouse Joseph & Feiss Navy Chalk Stripe Suit $399.99

BOSS Black Navy Stripe Wool Blend Suit $529.90

Madison Flannel Chalkstripe 1818 Suit $549.00

Casino Royale Venice Long-Sleeve Blue Polo

BLACK BROWN 1826 Long-Sleeved Interlock Polo $39.99

J. Crew Long-sleeve repp piqué polo in original fit $30.00

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Goldfinger Brown Loafers

Bruno Magli Men's Renot Slip-On $495.00

Mezlan Men's Mayfield Slip-on $129.22

Brass Boot Men's Savoy Loafer $129.95

Tim Little Black Sole 8 £280.00

Thunderball Slip-On Low Boots

One of 007's more interesting aversions were to laces. Fleming stated that Bond abhorred laces. This particular taste translated into the wardrobe of Thunderball where James Bond wore a pair of short lace-less boots in the fight with Colonel Bouvar.

DIESEL Ankle boots $ 210.00

John Varvatos black nappa leather slip-ons $214.20

CALVIN KLEIN "Malcom" Dress Slip-Ons $130.00

Tim Little Black Sole 7 £315.00

Goldeneye Brown Lace-Ups

A perfect, spotless pair of brown leather lace-ups are what Bond slips on his his '90s debut; Goldeneye. Find your affordable pair and you will find excuses to sport them.

THOMPSON Brown Laced shoes $ 109.00

Mercanti Fiorentini 6352 Leather Oxford $119.95

Barker Alfred £135.00

Herring Kensington II £139.95

Tim Little Black Sole 1 £245.00

TWINE Torture Chair Brown Monk-Straps

Allen-Edmonds Monk Strap Leather Loafers (For Men) $159.95

Herring Paddington £139.95

Bruno Magli Men's Remmos Monk Strap $346.16

Yanko Monk $209.40

Tim Little Sundown Monk Shoe £183.91

Dr. No Trilby Hat

One of the most iconic pieces of headgear from the Connery-Era (minus Oddjobs Bowler) is the trilby 007 wears in both during the films as well as in his Gun-Barrel scenes (even if it wasn't Connery in them). It sees most of its screen-time in Dr. No when 007 arrives in Jamaica and is driven around in a convertible, how he keeps this thing on is anyone's guess. Get yourself a piece of this '60s style and you might forget about hos JFK killed the trend.

Ede and Ravenscroft brown fold-away trilby £85.00

New Viscose Stingy Fedora Trilby Satin Hat Brown Medium Large $21.95

Bailey of Hollywood Bragg Fur Blend Pinch Trilby Fedora Mens Hat $59.95

Fagin BLACK Wool melton trilby £45

TMD Hamburg Tie

The traveling tie. Show up in Hamburg and what do you have around your neck? Why a distinctive copper tie, with a little bit of blue. It may be very '90s, but its a Bond classic, minus the talking BMW.

Ralph Lauren Silk Foulards Orange Tie $49.99

Jos. A. Bank Joseph Rust Micro Circle Long Tie $84.50

Thomas Pink Brown Kennedy Neat Woven Silk Men's Tie $59.00

Duncan Quinn Pin Dot bronze tie $165.00

Reiss Abberton RUST tie £39

DAD Spread Collar Light Blue Dress Shirt

One of Brosnan's more defining aspects of Bond fashion was not only the inclusion of larger knots in his ties but also the spread collar to match them. Connery's early Bond wore point collars with a four in hand knot (like the novels) while Brosnan tended towards the spread with a Windsor or half Windsor knot which complements the overall fashion and cut of his Brioni suits. Get yourself one of these spread collars and tie up a good sized knot. And don't forget to straighten it, even underwater.

Kenneth Cole No-Iron Spread-Collar Dress Shirt $29.99

Charles Tyrwhitt Sky Poplin Spread Collar Slim Fit Dress Shirt $53.10

Roderick Charles Blue End on End Shirt £29.00

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thunderball Blue Slip-Ons

A pair to kick off and slip on when you're out at a beach resort, Bahamas or otherwise. These light blue slippers add a dash of nautical theme to 007 in Thunderball, who has a naval background anyway. Here are some pairs you can slip on this summer.

Fred Perry Kingston Stamp Down Slip-On Plimsolls $59.49

Toms Canvas & Madras Slip-Ons $78.00

GIORGIO ARMANI Moccassins $230.00

Stubbs and Wootton Gatsby Marine Line $200

Friday, July 23, 2010

OHMSS Cravat

One of the more extravagant dressers, George Lazeby's James Bond sported a creamy yellow ascot when he was reunited with Tracy and her father at a Bull Fight. I found these alternative to allow you to sport your style:

Forzieri Mini Polkadot Yellow Silk Ascot for $59.00.

Ascot Chang linen ascot yellow $145

Beige Wedding Cravat £11.99