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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DAD Spread Collar Light Blue Dress Shirt

One of Brosnan's more defining aspects of Bond fashion was not only the inclusion of larger knots in his ties but also the spread collar to match them. Connery's early Bond wore point collars with a four in hand knot (like the novels) while Brosnan tended towards the spread with a Windsor or half Windsor knot which complements the overall fashion and cut of his Brioni suits. Get yourself one of these spread collars and tie up a good sized knot. And don't forget to straighten it, even underwater.

Kenneth Cole No-Iron Spread-Collar Dress Shirt $29.99

Charles Tyrwhitt Sky Poplin Spread Collar Slim Fit Dress Shirt $53.10

Roderick Charles Blue End on End Shirt £29.00