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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Devil May Care Crocodile Suitcase

In Devil May Care Bond returns from his sabbatical in Rome carrying a set of crocodile luggage, having apparently retired his pigskin suitcase. These are a quite luxurious and almost blatantly rich choice for a spy in the secret service but when traveling abroad, posing as a wealthy banker, perhaps, one must keep up appearances. Your best bet as an affordable option is probably vintage or faux-croc. You don't want to risk the real thing getting stolen. Try ebay and etsy and you will soon book your trip abroad. His set usually consists of an attache or briefcase and then a suitcase. Mix and match if you like.


His and hers faux crocodile Samsonite suitcase set $45.00

30s Rare J. E. Fournier Crocodile Luggage Suitcase $799.99

...or New

Fontanelli [DNA] Brown Croc-Embossed Leather Briefcase $635.00

L.A.P.A. [DNA] Men's Front Pocket Croco Stamped Italian Leather Briefcase $698.00

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