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Friday, September 17, 2010

James Bond's Rolex Submariner

Now I know you aren't going to go out and buy a Rolex Submariner on a whim because James Bond wore many of them in his movies from the 1960s through 1980s. For many a $5000 watch isn't practical, especially since hardly anyone seems to wear them anymore, unless it's digital.
We all aspire to own one of these beauties, a sign of good fortune and that you've finally made it. James Bond didn't see a Rolex has the status symbol we see it as today, he used his Rolex as an instrument, an necessity for his missions.
Since the dive watch boom of the 2000s, it's become more popular to sport one in any setting, including the office, which makes it even more practical to pick yourself up a beautiful but affordable watch for the 007 in all of us. Here are my picks:

Debaufre Ocean-1 Classic $465.00

Orient Men's Automatic Diver Stainless Steel Watch #2ER00001B $135.00

Alpha Submariner $64.99

Ollech and Wajs Cobra $440

Wenger Alpine Dive Men's Watch $125.99

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Automatic (Pre-Order for Early November) £340.00

And don't forget your REAL James Bond NATO strap. The actual one used in Goldfinger was multi-colored, not grey and black as many believe. You can buy this one exclusively at corvus.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moonraker Black Peak Lapel Double-Breasted Suit

So it's a little strange to me if Roger Moore's James Bond wears one double-breasted tuxedo in Rio then the next scene he is wearing another double-breasted black suit during the day. Do we assume he is just wearing his tuxedo casual-style with popped collar and no tie? Maybe the producers didn't think Moore wore the tux long enough in the last scene to warrant him changing clothes. I kinda assume he would return to his hotel with Manuela after their encounter with Jaws and change wardrobe the next day. Either way I'm going to post some black double-breasted suits that ooze elegance, while also not being a tuxedo. After all most civilized gentlemen know it's a crime to wear a tuxedo when the sun is out.

Mantoni Black or Navy Double Breasted Suit Super 150's, $238.99

Daniele DB Peak Lapel Suit $299.95

Perry Ellis Solid Black City Fit Double Breasted Suit Jacket $175.00

Moonraker Khaki Dress Shirt

Arrow Fitted Satin-Checked Point Collar Dress Shirt $38.00

Van Heusen Oxford Mens Long Sleeve Dress Twill Dress Shirt 13V521 $29.95

Isaia Spread Collar Dress Shirt - Cotton, Long Sleeve (For Men) $199.95

TSWLM Red Knit Cap

SLEEP Red Hat $32.00

UO Watch red Cap $10.00

Kashmere burgundy and black reversible cashmere knit hat $48.00

Moonraker Red/Navy Stripe Tie

Thom Browne Stripe Tie $185.00

Moonraker M's Office Navy Mult-Stripe Suit

Calvin Klein Suit, Navy Stripe BODY Slim Fit $279.99

Alfani Suit, Navy Stripe $179.99

Indochino Navy Blue Pinstripe Three Piece Suit $429

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Goldeneye Moleskin Pants

There is nothing so luxurious in trousers as moleskin. It's like wearing a pair of jeans that were form fitted for you and softer than any leather jacket you own. For his outing in his Aston Martin DB5 to Monte Carlo Bond wears a pair of these khaki moleskin pants, a perfect paring with his deep navy sweater. Find yours and you might feel like a nice Sunday drive, be it in Monaco or Ohio.

GANT JEANS Moleskin pants $89.00

Lambourne Stretch Moleskin Pants - Flat Front $99.95

Orvis Original "Ratcatcher" Moleskin Pants $98